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Mountain Road Cycling
The Rowlesburg Park is a great place to stage bicycle road tours. Leading out of Rowlesburg on Route 72 south, cyclists take on several challenging climbs and spectacular scenery. The scenes below show paved mountain roads branching off Route 72 up Jonathan Run road to Texas Mountain, and a second route through St. George up Limestone Road. The 30-mile tours circle back to Rowlesburg Park. For more information on road touring and mountain biking in the Rowlesburg area, contact Jim Weaver, of the Country Roads Cyclists Club. Jim grew up in Rowlesburg and is very familiar with these routes. Contact him at jim.edwin.weaver@verizon.net.

For mountain bikers and trail riders, the Rowlesburg area is heaven. From Rowlesburg, take Fill Hollow Road to the top of Laurel Mountain or the Wotring Chapel Road to Lantz Ridge. These are good dirt roads with little traffic. For the very adventurous there are plenty of old logging roads. The views are spectacular.
Riding up Jonathan Run
Top of the ridge on Jonathan Run Road.
Looking east toward Cheat Mountain.
Looking west toward Laurel Mountain.
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