The Town
Rowlesburg was a thriving, gritty railroad center for most of its history. Today, visitors would not believe the noise, smoke and cinders that steam engines created. Ice cream cones were covered with wax paper at Doc Glover's Drug Store. Otherwise, a train going through town would leave the top speckled with cinders! Today, the town is clean, quiet and beautifully nestled along one of the most pristine rivers in America. As the pictures show below, the times have changed. The first two photos show the town looking west, first from across the river and then from the end of the railroad bridge. The exact dates are unknown, but both predate 1950. The last two photos show the famous Howard Hotel and River House, both places where many railroaders have stayed and both long gone. 
Pre-1950 view from Wotring Chapel Road.
Early picture showing the Captain Philips house up on the knoll.
Railroad Street showing the famous New Howard Hotel.
This is the River House, a noted lodging house for railroaders.
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