Cheat River flows from the high Allegheny Mountains with source waters in Canaan Valley near Black Water Falls State Park. The river is one of the last untamed rivers in the country. It is a free-flowing river all the way to Morgantown where Cheat Lake is formed by a dam just before the Cheat enters the Monongahela River on its way to Pittsburgh. Rowlesburg is nearly encircled by the river. Cheat River is being stocked with beautiful trout and walleyes. The goal is to make the river what it once was--the best place for anglers on the east coast. All along Route 72, which follows the river for 30 miles, fishermen now line the banks. Route 72 is a designated National Byway, and for good reason. The road follows the most beautiful untamed river in North America. As the pictures show below, the river is worth the visit.
Looking north in early evening.
Looking south toward the CSX bridge.
Autum Glory. Cannon Hill is reflected in the quiet water.
View from Cannon Hill
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