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Sights to See
Among places to visit while in Rowlesburg: 1. Cannon Hill where Civil War Parrott Guns were placed to protect the railroad--these cannons fired down on General Jones' Confederate raiders as they attempted to storm the town and blow up the bridges. 2. The Railroad Station Museum with its collection of railroad pictures, model trains and artifacts. 3. The Rowlesburg Historical and Genealogical Museum. 4. WWII Museum and B&O Bridge Exhibit, now located at the Szilagyi Center.  5. The Etam AT&T satellite station six miles south of Rowlesburg. 6. Cool Springs Park five miles west of town on US 50.
Cannon Hill overlook as seen from Church Street-using telephoto lens. Original freight and passenger depot for Rowlesburg-now the Railroad Museum.
The WWII Museum has moved to the High School and is now open all summer and fall on weekends and for festivals. Etam satellite station on Route 72. Letters on ATT&T dish are over 10 feet high.
Cool Springs Park on Rt. 50-over 50 years of service at the foot of Laurel Mountain. Coal mine steam engine-one of many antiques on display at Cool Springs.
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