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For History and Architectural Buffs
Rowlesburg was established as Vicksburg, VA in the early 1800s. When the B&O Railroad blasted its way down into Cheat Valley in 1852, the flat land was ideal for a way-station to fuel and water engines. As rail traffic grew, the need for more helpers grew and the town, by then named Rowlesburg, began to take on its present day shape. There are several significant homes and buildings in town as a recent historical survey reveals. The photos below show a few.
Ths view shows several typical early 20th century homes. Currently owned by the Parkinsons, this house was built by an early merchant.
The Adams and Moore Building-one of the oldest retail buildings downtown (owned now by the Banisters). This is the oldest retail building on Main Street in continous use. (now owned by J. Nassif).
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