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Rowlesburg, A Rail Fan's Delight
Rowlesburg has several advantages for the railfan. Photographs can be taken from many great angles as the following show. The famous Tray Run bridge can be viewed up close or from across the Cheat River. Trains crossing the Cheat River bridge can be seen from the Manheim bridge, top of Cannon Hill or up close. The new Charles Felton bridge crossing Salt Lick and the old M&K yards is a great place to watch and photograph helper activity. Both Cranberry Grade and Cheat River Grade are easily accessible by road. The night photographs were taken during the 100th Anniversary Celebration for Tray Run Viaduct, April 27 & 28, 2007. End your day in the Park with a picnic or dip in the river! And be sure to stay over at a great railfan's venue, the MainStay, one block from the CSX mainline.
Railfanning Information
Helper taking a coal drag eastbound through Tar Hole in Rowlesburg. Empty hoppers heading west through Rowlesburg.
Eastbound coal drag crossing Tray Run viaduct.
Coal train crossing Cheat River bridge. Photo taken from top of Cannon Hill. (courtesy of Tom Boylan)
Tray Run Bridge from the back side showing remnants of the original Fink Iron Truss support wall.
Tray Run Viaduct lighted for the 100th Anniversary Celebration, April 28, 2007 (Courtesy of Mark Phillips)
Helper at M&K on its way to pick up coal drag in Newburg (Courtesy of Keith Takarsh) .
M&K Tower, near Rowlesburg. The tower remains active. (Courtesy of Dwight Jones)
Maggie's Cottage. Great place for railfans to stay. Click on photo for Maggie's contact information. Maggie and her husband Jef also own the remarkable WWII Museum in Rowlesburg.
Vintage 1926 B&O caboose stands proudly next to the CSX mainline in Rowlesburg. Stenciled by Dwight Jones, the caboose is part of the Depot Museum, along with the Civil War howitzer still there to protect the railroad. Click on photo for more of Dwight's work.
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